Special-Purpose Solutions and Small Batch Series


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Mulitvendor Principle

Let us support you in finding the optimal material for your application, and you will benefit from our profound know-how!


Together with you we develop custom-made solutions. Here, we attach great importance to efficiency.


We provide proficient advice and support from the generation of first prototypes up to initial sampling, including all required IMDS entries and ISTRs. Our lean structures allow us to be flexible, accurate and quick-acting.


We manufacture individual orders as well as small-scale and large-scale series, invariably with the claim of maintaining our consistently high quality. Click here to look and see our wide range of fashioning and processing options: Processing


Dichten Automobil


Our materials are utilized for sealing purposes in a wide variety of interior as well es exterior applications. They help prevent the non-desirable entry or escape of air or liquid agents.


  • Sealing of air piping systems for interior applications
  • Sealing of connections or junctures for exterior applications

Schallisolierung Automobile


For the quietening of sounds we apply open-celled sonic action PU foam materials, if applicable with performance-enhancing surfaces such as, e.g. thin PU foils, textile surfaces or heavy-layer materials.


  • Sound proofing for car wheel arches
  • Sound proofing B-pillar


Special-Purpose Solutions

As a multivendor specialist for customized applications we provide innovative and intelligent solutions for a wide variety of industrial purposes and support our customers through all stages from project development to production.


  • Packaging made of PE/PU, milled, foamed or punched
  • Special-purpose solutions for acoustic applications
  • Small-scale series


Technical textiles

We fashion textile materials for car interior applications. Here they are frequently utilized as adhesive tapes to help prevent unpleasing noises or guard against frictional wear.

Information: Felt, nonwoven fabric, velour and others



According to DIN 61200 made of at least 40% wool. Of particular interest for any individual requirements to colour, and for small quantities.

Roll material 130gr/m2 – 800gr/m2

Nonwoven Fabric


Economical alternative to felt. Of particular interest for large quantities or for application as insulation material.

Roll material 30gr/m2–800gr/m2, insulant



Machine-knit material, primarily made of Polyester. Roughening of the fabric creates a velvety surface. Ideal for application as sliding aid with simulaneous insulating properties.

Examples: Make-up mirror, I-Board

Other Materials


By processing knitted fabric or Alcantara (pls refer to photo) we meet even highest demands especially with regard to optical appearance.

Examples: Make-up mirror, (visible face), centre console

Cellular materials

The range of cellular materials covers an extensive portfolio. These materials are often used as draft or noise insulation, however, are characterized by their cellular structure and the ……thus combined.

Information: PE-Polyethylene, PU foam and Silicone foam



Ein aus wachsartigem Granulat aufgetriebener Schaum. In diversen Qualitäten ab RG 15kg/m³ Bis 120kg/m³. Hohes Dichtvermögen bei geringem Raumgewicht.

PU foam


Aus Polyol und Isocyanat in einer Polyadditionsreaktion aufgetriebener Schaum .In diversen Qualitäten ab RG 18 kg/m³ bis 300kg/m³. Gutes Anpassungsvermögen bei Dichtaufgaben Sowie besonders geeignet für Schalldämmaufgaben.

Silicone foam


Aus Silikonkautschuk und physikalischem Treibmittel aufgetriebener Schaum. Besonders geeignet für Dichtaufgaben bis 250°C Umgebungstemperatur.

Solid materials

In most cases, solid materials are utilized as flat packing or O-seals.

Information: Solid Silicone, PE (Polyethylene) and PU (Polyurethane)

Solid Silicone

Silikon massiv

Dieser Werkstoff brilliert durch seine hohe Trennwirkung und widersteht auch Temperaturen bis 250 Grad Celsius. Insbesondere geeignet für den Einsatz als Dichtung. Ausführungen: Plattenware ab 0,5 mm Stärke, Als Extrudat mit diversen Konturen

PE (Polyethylene)

Keine Abbildung

Als Plattenware für einfache Gleitbeläge als Stanzteil oder gefräst. Als UHMW Folie: Aus massivem Material geschält und im Spezialverfahren selbstklebend ausgerüstet.

PU (Polyurethane)


Als Vergussteil: Die Typenvielfalt geht vom Rollerskaterad bis zum Abtreifer in stationären Betonmischern.



We fashion roll materials to become customized tapes and adhesive tapes. Here it is actually possible to find the optimal material and matching adhesive film to suit almost any intended use.

Suitable for: Felt, nonwoven fabric, velour, Alcantara

PU Coating

We finish sheet and roll material with self-adhesive properties achieving upmarket adhesive tapes for highly diverse needs. Our machine systems allow us to finish up to 3 000 m² of roll material per day.

Suitable for: Felt, nonwoven fabric, velour, Alcantara, PU, PE, PP

Cutting, Cleaving

Our cutting and cleaving machinery allows us to process cellular and solid PU and PE materials by a chipless or cutting method. Apart from vertical and horizontal cutting, we can also effect contour cutting.

Suitable for: PU, PE, PP

Punching, cutting

Sheetware is processed by means of our punches which can handle sheets with up to 100 mm thickness. Particularly suited for small and medium-sized quantities.

Suitable for: Felt, nonwoven fabric, velour, Alcantara, PU, PE, PP Kiss-cut


Here, the material is merely punched up to the carrier of the adhesive tape thus making subsequent processing steps a lot easier. Here, unwanted remains can already be removed during the production process. Particularly suited for medium-sized to large quantities.

Suitable for: Felt, nonwoven fabric, velour, Alcantara, PU, PE, PP


Our machining centre enables us to produce even complex components out of foam or other synthetic material. Particularly suited for small series.

Suitable for: PU, PE


Flocking may be carried out for a variety of purposes such as, e.g. for the enhancement of opical or haptic properties, for noise reduction or improved resilience. Our facilities are suited for small to medium-sized quantities.

Suitable for: PU, PE, PP

Shaped PUR Foam

Our machinery systems enable us to manufacture shaped PUR foam parts with or without filler agents. The minimum/maximum weight for an individual part ranges from approx. 10 grams up to approx. 10 kgs.


Apart from the production of shaped parts out of cellular foam, we also manufacture cast shapes of a more solid consistency. Particularly suited for the production of contour seals, highly stressed cushions or similar purposes.

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