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Production Process

The Windshield

Also called pop shield or pop filter due to the „pop“-noises it is supposed to reduce or eliminate. It was originally devised to filter out undesirable background noises during recordings with the microphone (e.g. wind noise when recording outdoors).

Over the years the windshield increasingly evolved into an advertising medium, not least due to the multitude of creative possibilities it offers with regard to shape and colour.

Always in the centre of the action, the windshield represents the according broadcasting station or the relevant product.

Our Team has been involved in this development continually in the course of the past ten years. In order to safeguard that we can provide our customers with high-quality windshields at all times, we utilize materials made in Germany and state-of-the-art technology only.

Look and see by viewing our references which not only include marketing agencies and freelancers but also the major German broadcasting stations such as e.g. WDR, MDR, ZDF, ARD and Sport1.

Welcome to our world of windshields!

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